Online Giving

Here are two suggestions for your donations to Cornerstone:

Online Checking:

More and more churches are encouraging online donations using credit cards, debit cards and/or electronic checking.  There are pros and cons with all of those approaches, but they all have a cost associated with them…set up fees, monthly fees and/or transaction fees.  The most cost effective way to give online is to use the free online checking service (Bill Pay or Web Pay) that your bank offers.

Using bill or web pay, your bank will mail a check for the full donation amount to Cornerstone. It is simple to set up automatic recurring donations (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly). If you are not familiar with online checking (bill or web pay), we encourage you to consider this option for contributing to Cornerstone.  Links to “Bill Pay” information for many of the common banks in the St Louis area are available on the right sidebar.

Stock & Mutual Fund Donations

The benefits of Stock & Mutual Fund Donations along with a tutorial can be found here.  Please contact the church office at 314-968-9808 for details on transferring your stocks or mutual funds to Cornerstone.