Communication Request Form

  1. Use this form to request sharing praises, prayers, events, announcements, needs, ministry opportunities, etc. through our church communication channels: weekly E-News, Sunday morning worship community moments and/or worship bulletin. For events held at the church, you must also submit a Facility/Event Request Form.

  2. Our staff considers all requests at weekly meetings. All requests should harmonize with:

    1. Our church's beliefs;

    2. Our mission, vision, and core values; and

    3. Our communication strategies.

  3. All requests should be sponsored by a church board, a Cornerstone Ministry Team or a church member.

  4. Please allow up to two weeks for your request to be processed. If you have an urgent need (like an emergency prayer request), please contact our pastor or other staff member directly.

Requester's Name *
Requester's Name
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Requester's Phone
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Be specific and provide as many details as you can. This will make it easier for staff to consider and fulfill your request. Incomplete information will delay request processing.
Guidelines Sunday Community Moment
IF YOU ARE REQUESTING A COMMUNITY MOMENT, below are our guidelines. Thank you for considering the following: