Team-based ministry

Because we worship a Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and because we are made in God's image (Genesis 1:26-27), and because Jesus sent people out "two-by-two" (Luke 10:1), we prioritize team-based ministry. Team leaders and members are equipped and empowered to help us live out our mission, vision, and core values with specific responsibilities framed by the Elder Board and ratified by the congregation.

Out of gratitude to God, our teams include: 

Children & Youth

For adopting and declaring us His children in Christ through the Gospel, this team coordinates our care for children (Sunday School, etc.) along with special events that nurture our children's faith.

For His on-going, loving commitment to mature our youth in Christ, this team also coordinates all aspects of youth discipleship, including teaching, events, and missions trips. 


For His gracious, on-going communication with His people in Christ, this team helps us communicate well with one another and our community through formal and informal channels.


For His holistic hospitality to us in Jesus Christ, this Team coordinates the way we express hospitality to others, including meals, caring for shut-ins and the sick, and assimilating people into our church.

Leadership Development

For graciously guiding us as our Good Shepherd, this team equips our church to lead in life and in ministry.


For creating us in His image and rescuing us through Christ when we were defenseless in our sin, this team coordinates local, national, and international efforts to dignify human life at every stage (unborn, orphans, older adults, etc.).


For creating men in His image, this team coordinates fellowship and teaching events for men.


For rescuing us by the greatest missions trip in history (Jesus Christ coming to earth to live, die, and rise for those who trust in Him), this team equips our church for local, national, and international missions. They also organize our annual mission festival and cultivate missionary partnerships.


For opening a relationship to us through Christ, and inviting us to enjoy that relationship through on-going communication, this team coordinates our church's prayer life.

Small Groups

For bringing us into His magnificent "large small group" (the Trinity) by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, this team coordinates all aspects of our small group ministry.


For creating women in His image, this team coordinates fellowship and teaching events for women.


For His glory and His works, particularly His work of rescuing us in the gospel of Jesus Christ, this team helps us cultivate worshipful lifestyles and organizes all public worship services.